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Writing Workshops
Amherst Writers & Artists We write in session, read aloud and comment on the strengths of the writing. Critique is available for work in manuscript form. I invite anyone to come to one session with no obligation in order to experience the AWA method. Please feel free to call me or email with additional questions.
Minus One:
A Twelve-Step Journey
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Weekly Writing Workshops

Wednesday evenings 7:00 - 9:30
Friday mornings 10:00 - 12:30
As a writer with a Ph.D. specialization in poetry, my primary genre, I find it really easy to get boxed in by my own expectations of what I should be able to produce. I started taking Bridget's workshops because I wanted to switch into an entirely new genre where I could feel free to be a novice. And I've done that--because of Bridget's workshops, I'm actually writing in a second genre and about to send out some of that work. What I didn't anticipate is what the workshops would do for me as a poet. I'm writing more poetry and with greater range and ambition than I've had in years. And I know that renewal has come from participating in such a supportive and energizing workshop setting."

Mustang Sally Pays Her Debt to Wilson Pickett
Bridget Bufford
(573) 864-9326
Bridget Bufford, Author of MInus One: A Twelve-Step Journey
"Bridget's workshops are a fun and non-threatening way to access the creative writer within. As a newspaper journalist for 15 years, I've relied on nonfiction as my bread-and-butter, but I needed some constructive direction in pushing beyond the boundaries of fact. Bridget provided both the inspiration and the instruction to do just that, and it was an exciting and liberating departure for me. I would recommend it for anyone."

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Creative Writing of Columbia, offering weekly writing workshop all year