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AMHERST WRITERS & ARTISTS , founded in 1980 by poet Pat Schneider, sponsors creative writing workshops and retreats for both established and beginning writers. Writing Alone and With Others (Oxford University Press) describes the Amherst Writers & Artists workshop method in detail.

Writing Alone and With Others, Schneider says that in order to develop personal style, each writer needs to give her art time; to take risks and experiment; to believe in the freshness, vitality and importance of her own experience and imagination; to practice in ways that teach her to recognize her own voice and to increase its range; to believe in herself as an artist in training; to protect herself from anything that could undermine that belief; to observe, remember and imagine; and to work with other writers who can provide an intimate community of support, give honest response and encourage her in her work.

Supportive community is created and maintained in the AWA workshop setting in five fundamental ways:
1. Members are invited, not pressured, to read what is written in workshop.
2. The workshop does not critique new work; responses are based on the  strengths of the writing.
3. Confidentiality is stressed.
4. Workshops are not genre-specific.
5. The group responds to all workshop writing as writing, not as personal experience.

A variety of exercises are offered. This workshop is open to everyone with a desire to write, regardless of age or experience. The AWA method stresses safety and support in an environment conducive to freeing the writer in anyone. Because of time constraints (writing, reading aloud, and responding), workshops are limited to ten people.
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