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"I'm a very big fan of giving voice to the voiceless, of facing down our demons both personal and on a larger level, of breaking silences, and this next Catalyst recipient has done just that. In her latest artistic endeavor she has fearlessly addressed lesbian drug and alcohol addiction and same-sex domestic violence, and the intimate glimpses into addiction and recovery can serve as both tools and inspirations for all of us. She says that this work was created as a love letter to 12-step programs, but I say it is more than that   it is also a light for any who feel lost in the darkness. There are those that would say that our community silently endorses and encourages hiding our problems, out of fear that we will only be known for our pain and struggles, and not our strengths and victories. I say that we are sick to death of being silent, on all levels, including our problems, and that addressing them is both strength and victory. I feel that she would agree with me, and it is my honor and privilege to award Lambda Literary Award finalist, author of
Minus One, Bridget Bufford, with a 2005 Catalyst Award."
John Doerflinger,
   2005 Catalyst Awards (used by permission)

"We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book's strong portrait of a female alcoholic struggling to attain and maintain sobriety. Bridget Bufford, with painstaking and believable detail, has drawn a portrait of a young woman who is alternately lovable and maddening, from her fall off the wagon to her sizzling sexual encounters--a woman as addicted to the pursuit of love as she is to the pursuit of sobriety."
    --Sharon Robideaux, PhD, and Eleanor Agnew, PhD,
       Co-authors of
My Mama's Waltz: A Book for Daughters of Alcoholic Mothers

"READERS WILL BE FILLED WITH HOPE from the demonstrations of how applying 12-step principles one day at a time can produce recovery miracles. . . . The intense story of a brave lesbian facing the reality of her addiction. . . . Clearly demonstrates how cunning the disease of addiction is through the main character's struggles with recovery and the 12 steps."
    --Susan Murray Schopflin,
    MSW, LCSW, Program Director,
McCambridge Center for Women, Columbia, Missouri

"I wouldn't have predicted that a writer could create a novel about recovery that was this GOOD and this SATISFYING--let alone a story that combined working the steps with a lesbian love story. Bridget Bufford has fit these two themes together seamlessly to create a moving and at times suspenseful novel. The reader unfamiliar with AA will get a good education in the way 12-step programs work. The reader who has benefited from a 12-step program will appreciate the care Bufford has taken to fill in the details of such programs."

--Diane Mcpherson,
      Associate Professor, Department of Writing and Coordinator of Women's Studies, Ithaca College
Bridget Bufford
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